The Halcyon Duo
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  The Halcyon Myth

According to Greek myth, Alcyone, upon hearing of her husbandís drowning, threw herself into the sea, where upon she was transformed into a kingfisher. Her father Aeolus (guardian of the winds) commands the seas to be calm during the winter solstice, so that her brood may safely hatch. This two-week period is well-known by mariners of the Mediterranean region, especially near Sicily from where this belief originated.

The halcyon days are days of peace and prosperity.

They have been alluded to by the Roman authors Pliny and Ovid, and later, by Shakespeare (Hamlet), Milton (On the Morning of Christís Nativity); and Keats, in Endymion, who writes,

O Magic Sleep! O comfortable bird
That broodest oíer the troubled sea of the mind
Till it is hushed and smooth.

Peace and blessings to you.

Roberto and Eve